Congratulations! You've Made A Wise Investment In Yourself And Your Business...

Welcome to the RESULTS Loop Accelerator and thank you for your investment!

You have made a wise decision to begin Growth Compounding. During this advanced training, you are going to learn exactly what to do to start growing your revenue, your profit, and your income.

I am very excited to help you achieve your goals so you can have a bigger impact on the people in your life.

The Plan

I’ve organized the RESULTS Loop Accelerator into 6 Lessons. I’ll release one per week so you’ll never feel overwhelmed. 

Each Lesson is divided into short video modules that run between 8 and 15 minutes long each. You can proceed entirely at your own pace through the Lesson.

Each module is accompanied by worksheets in your Growth Compounding Toolkit. You are going to immediately put the concepts you’ve learned into practice. 

(Participants love the worksheets because it forces you to work ON your business and make real progress towards your goals.)

If you follow along, you will have a completed RESULTS Loop for your business and know exactly what to do within 6 weeks.


A few suggestions for you to get the most from this advanced training:

  1. Please make sure you are a member of our Growth Compounders Facebook Group. This is an invite-only group included as a special bonus.
  2. Search your inbox for “resultstrained” to get your username and password for your personal training portal.
  3. Visit to login and access your materials.
  4. Select the RESULTS Loop Accelerator and begin Lesson 1: The Right Way to Grow.’ You will see tabs for both Videos and Materials.
  5. Email us at [email protected] if you need anything!